Capital Federal Natatorium

Topeka, KS

"The Topeka School District U.S.D. #501 constructed a new sports complex. The Sports Complex includes a 50 meter indoor aquatic center, lighted soccer, football, softball and baseball fields. Carrothers teamed with Kansas Building Systems to complete the indoor aquatic center portion of the project.

The indoor aquatic center is a single story, steel framed structure, with masonry exterior walls and a grade supported floor slab. The building has an overall floor plan dimension of about 180 by 230 feet. The swimming pool varies in depth from 4 to 13 feet and has 12,960 square feet of water surface. The pool is the only pool in the Midwest meeting the criteria for officially sanctioned competition events set by the NCAA, NAIA, USA Swimming and FINA. A unique feature of the pool is a movable stainless steel bulkhead allowing variable lane lengths."

Total Water Surface Area of Pools: 12,960 Square Feet
Owner: Topeka, KS USD 501