Our Passion

Most people are familiar with Carrothers because of the exceptional experience they or a trusted colleague has had with the construction of their World-Class State-of-the-Art Aquatic Facility by our firm.

Would you be surprised if we told you that in addition to building new aquatic facilities, we bring that same expertise to make your experience exceptional in these projects:

  • Pool structure maintenance such as painting and concrete repairs.
  • Facility Expansions/Modernizations like zero entry additions or spraygrounds.
  • Testing for leaks and structural integrity and correcting issues found.
  • Testing for Virginia Graeme Baker Compliance and remediating deficiencies.
  • Slide and Play Feature installations and maintenance.
  • Pump and Filter maintenance or replacement.

Since our inception, Carrothers has focused on becoming THE premier Contractor in the Midwest. The Management Team includes personnel totaling a combined 300+ years of experience.

In 1997, we decided to apply those core competencies developed and refined during our then 76 year history of building treatment plants to aquatic centers. Aquatic projects are complex. Skill and experience in structural and architectural concrete, process piping and water treatment is difficult to find in one contractor. The vendors specific to this industry are unique. The scheduling and coordination necessary to produce a quality project this complex is grueling. We realized that all of the elements that make these projects so challenging are the very same ones that we have so successfully demonstrated time and time again in our history of constructing treatment plants. Our whole organization focuses on this type of project. We understand what it takes to deliver consistent quality and value and we do it. Not just sometimes, but EVERY TIME. Our quality control process document “Project Planning: A Carrothers Team Approach” helps assure that we consistently meet and often exceed our goal to complete all projects on time while providing our owners with the best possible value.

We thought we were indeed on a uniquely enlightened path when we made the decision to apply our significant history of treatment plant expertise to aquatic center projects. You can imagine how humbling it was to discover that, while we were constructing our fourth aquatic center, we found a plaque in the original bath house dating back to 1938 memorializing Carrothers as the contractor of record. So much for originality! Our roots in these projects stretch back three quarters of a century!

We have always worked hard to establish our reputation as a well organized, competent, old-line company well positioned to serve our customers and we pledge to continue this commitment. Our reputation with our customers, employees, subcontractors and suppliers is impeccable and our integrity is uncompromising. That’s how we think you build the best Company in this business.


Charter member of the Kansas
Contractors Association established in 1923