Waldo Fountain & Sprayground

Kansas City, MO

This fountain/sprayground is a great example of how a project can be multi-functional, both esthetic and practical. Its main purpose is to mark the entrance to the Waldo business area with a striking fountain. It also lives a second life as a sprayground offering a fun wet summer playground for young users and a cooling off area for everyone.

Carrothers was hired as the Design/Builder to complete this project. We teamed with Larkin Aquatics to provide the design services. The project was completed on a limited budget while providing the Owner with an outstanding asset to their community.

Facility Features:

  • Spray features serving as a beautiful fountain and a fun play retreat.
  • A sequencing controller turning features on and off in Owner Selected patterns.
  • Timers which turn the fountain on and off at predetermined settings without the need for an operator.
  • Anemometer control which turns the fountain off in high winds.
  • Below grade accent lighting enhances the fountains beauty at night.
  • A subterranean equipment vault out of sight and secure houses all the process equipment.
  • A pressurized sand filtration system with chlorine injection for water quality.
  • A concrete bench allowing a place to rest and enjoy the show.

Owner: Southtown Organization / Waldo Business Association